How to Backup And Restore Contacts in Android

Mobile phones are no more just a simple gadget that let us make/receive calls and send text messages. Read our detailed guide on backing up, restoring and managing contacts on Android devices.

Some people may accidentally delete their contacts from Android. How to get those important contacts back? When you deleted contacts from Android, they were not really gone, but only marked as useless on your phone and could be overwritten by new data. Therefore, you’d better stop using your phone after losing your contacts, to ensure a higher rate of recovery.

Now, let’s check how to recover your deleted contacts from Android with Android Contacts Recovery. This program allows you to restore lost contacts directly from Android, as well as pictures, messages and video. Download the free trial version of Android Data Recovery App.


How to recover deleted contacts from Android

Step 1. Download and Install data recovery App to your Android phone

Step 2. Root your Android phone

This app scans and recovers deleted files from memory cards and internal storage on rooted devices. So firstly, you should root your Android smartphone.

Step 3. Scan your Android internal memory

Click the Start button on the main screen to let the software scan the lost messages or contacts you deleted previously. Please make sure the battery capacity is more than 30% as it takes some time to complete the scanning.

Steps 4. Recovery lost information you need

A list of items will be displayed on different categories after the scan ended. Click the Messaging option on the left menu bar, and then it unfolds all of the text messages stored on your device, including the current list and deleted ones. The ones marked in red color are lost messages which is recoverable with the help of Android Data Recovery. Click “Recovery” button on the bottom of the screen to start the recovering process. you can also do this with the help of lucky patcher app.

If you still have questions about Android data recovery app, you are welcome to contact technical staff via [email protected]

Want to recover lost photos, videos and music files from Android phone?


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